The HR Support Services

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Human Resources Consulting

We provide a wide range of HR consulting including:

  • Full Cycle Recruitment & Selection

  • Developing Policies, Procedures, Manuals and Handbooks

  • Job Description Creation

  • Seamless Staff Onboarding

  • Employment Offers, Contracts and Salary Bands

  • Employee Relations, Training and Development 

  • Health & Safety Coordination

  • Terminations

  • And Many More!

Payroll Consulting

We provide a wide range of Payroll consulting including:

  • Calculating Working Hours, Wages, and Total Remuneration

  • Time Card & Schedule Management

  • Payroll & Employee Financial Reporting

  • Administer Employee Pay - Internal or External Software

  • Payroll Software Management

  • ROE & T4 Generation

  • Employee Tax Forms

  • And Many More!

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Professional Career Coaching

We provide a wide range of Career Coaching including:

  • Resume & Cover Letter Building

  • Interview Preparation

  • Overall Career Advice & Assistance

  • Job Application Assistance

  • Clarify Career Objectives & Goals

  • Leadership and Communication Building

  • And Many More!